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  • Do you offer tours?
    Yup! We currently have a model open. We also have 3D tours on the website. And, if you want us to walk you through the apartments in real time, we also offer virtual tours.
  • What's up with you allow any?
    For sure. We love the furry friends and both cats and dogs are allowed - but, we do have some breed maybe let us know if you think you have a pup on that list. Here are some quick details - Two pet limit per household. Additional deposit of $400 required. Pet rent: Pets under 30 lbs.: $35 per month Pets 30 lbs. and over: $50 per month We utilize a third party screening company called All pets will be qualified through this database.
  • Do you charge for parking?
    Since parking is limited, we do charge for spaces, but we have a few options Covered Carport: $60 per month Uncovered: $45 per month
  • What about utilities, how does that work?"
    All residents agree to have electricity and sewer transferred to their name by contacting Riverside Public Utilities at: (951) 782 – 0330 and provide us with your utility account number prior to your move in date. Water and Trash will be billed monthly per bed space and are paid online with the rent payment.
  • What amenities do you offer on site?
    Glad you asked...below are what we offer. We have recently completed a massive upgrade to the wifi in all units. It's pretty amazing, and it's included at no extra cost! Every resident will get their own unique login and access, and internet speeds - you don't have to share with your roomates and neighbors. This means you don't have to worry about someone else downloading copious amounts of data from the dark web and sucking all your internet speeds while you are trying to research best practices for grooming a turtle. In otherwords. you get your speeds, they get theirs. Oh - we also include cable and you can stream unlimited devices in your unit. Here are some more fun things: Townhome Style Appliances Included Gated Community Storage Area Air Conditioning Free WiFi Bike Lock Area Resident Events Patrol Service Pool and Spa Modern Plank Flooring Updated Kitchens Modular Closet Organizing System USB Power Outlets Remodeled Bathrooms
  • How does your leasing work? By the bed? By the room?
    Great Question. We offer by the bed leasing which can be combined into an entire room or even an entire unit. For example, a two bedroom unit will have four total bed spaces, two per room. You have the option to rent a single bed space, or if you want the entire room, you would lease two bed spaces at double the cost. And for your convenience, if you rent only a single bed space and don't have a roomate in mind, we will look to fill that other bed space for you. The options are up to you! Bring some friends, split a room, save some money, or rent an entire unit. And remember, you are only responsible for what you lease! That's the beauty.
  • What length of lease terms do you offer?
    All the rates you see posted are for a 12 month lease term. We do offer 11 and 10 month lease options, but at a premium rate. Feel free to inquire about those terms if you wish.
  • What is your security deposit?
    $600 per bed space or $600 per bedroom if only one person is leasing an entire room. $400 with approved guarantor. Rates are based on approved credit.
  • What if I don't bring anybody with me...will you help me fill my unit?
    Indeed we will. That's what we do! We will do our darndest to pair you up with a group of like minded roomates. But remember, we have limited availablity, so the longer you wait, the less choice you may have.
  • What do I need to apply?
    Application fee is $20 and can be paid on our website when you finish the application process. A government issued ID and two recent pay stubs must be uploaded when completing the application. When you find a unit to apply for, you see all this information again. Check our AVAILABILITY page for further details.
  • Do you require renter's insurance?
    We do require a landlord liability insurance policy at a minimum, but you are also free to enroll in renters insurance or provide proof of your current renters insurance. Regardless of your decision, we do request you have this at the time of move-in. If at the time of your move-in you don't have the minimum liability it's not a problem. We will auto enroll you in a landlord liability insurance policy which is $12.50 a month. From there, the sky is the limit. You can go out and find your own policy, or just keep the landlord liability policy. It's important to note that the landlord liability insurance is NOT the same as a renters insurance YOU provide. You should understand the difference and our leasing staff can help. Reach out for any questions regarding insurance limit guidelines and requirements.
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